Selling music is great and a hard breaking process for a lot of artists out there, we all in need to sell our music but what if I told you that you can still make money with your music without selling it? Yes, you can. Instead of getting in this jam packed slippery industry the same way as everyone, tackle it in a different way.

Produce amazing music and teach beginning producers how your music is made, e.g. from the rhythm and how to add a groove in a song melodies etc… You can do that through a blog and a YouTube channel as the list goes on but preferably a blog merged with your own YouTube channel, that’s easily marketable and what’s great is it’s your space and everyone will get a taste of your work there.

By being consistent at all times with that, which of course music is vast and you creating a one stop platform on how you created a certain track of yours, a number of beginners would appreciate that a lot. Start from basics to have different levels from beginner to advanced level make sure you teach and give tips at all times. Your main revenue will be through ads on your blog and your YouTube channel. By sharing your skills you will be contributing to many that have no clue and those who needs to take their skills to another level and by doing so you also exposing yourself to artists who would need producers.

My advice is before doing this, learn and research about getting a blog and a YouTube channel of your own and it being monetized, the right way and all the requirements of such nature. You can make a decent living equivalent to a selling artist. Don’t try but be as professional as you can as possible, love your work and never stop producing music because your music it is what will inspire those who are in need to learn to produce great sounds. Speaking of great sounds, make sure you make music of all times, some people love modern music while others love classics, do all and teach how it’s done, without a doubt you will be appreciated and it will pay off.

Well, this is some of the things in the music scene we should practice rather than doing what’s expected of us as artists. There’s a lot more we just need to use our brains and think out of the box. Most of ideas are beneficial if we practice them well.