Andrew: In a nutshell, we were born in New York and moved to South Africa at the age of about 2. Music has always been in the family and we would busk when we were younger for extra money. It’s always been something we do. After recording the Sun In My Pocket album which was originally called Retro Electro, we managed to get Sun In My Pocket on radio. People just gravitated toward that track and it really placed us on the map as producers and artists, the trick has always been to keep that momentum and constantly evolve as one does.
Brian: I was New York born and Cape Town raised, which I believe gave me a bit of a New York minute mind set. I’ve always known that music was something I wanted to do, but it wasn’t something I took very seriously until about 7 years old. After working with plenty of different producers in the music industry during my teen years, Andrew and I decided to start producing our own music and that’s when we came up with Sun In My Pocket and the rest is pretty much history.

The name Locnville how did it come about?
Andrew: I’ve always wanted to keep the full story a secret. It has to do with the fact that we’re both American as well as South African. We took words that we associate with that fact and put them into one word.
Brian: It’s a combination of words that I associate with the States and South Africa. Back in high school, we also had a big group of friends and we’d always get together and do musical things, and we would all refer to ourselves as Locnville, and it just sort of stuck.

As a team, do you have different strengths?
Andrew: 100% and I think now so more than ever. We grew up sharing a room so we were sort of forced to work together, so in the beginning it was a very collaborative effort from the get go. It’s still very much a collaborative effort, but I tend to be much more on the production and mixing side where as Brian tends to actually write most of the lyrical content and melodies.
Brian: Yes absolutely. In fact, we’ve started delegating our different strengths a lot more in recent years which has helped a lot with the creative process. Andrew is much more on the production side of things, whereas I’m doing a lot of the writing.

As a duo who’s been involved in the music scene for many years now, what pleases you most about where it is today?
Andrew: What pleases me most these days is that most of the tracks coming out of South Africa as well as the music videos and a lot of live shows now is that they’re all world class. You can see that very clearly, South African and African Music as a whole is making waves like never before.
Brian: Not much. It’s always been a pretty shallow industry and I feel like it’s just getting worse, so I’m doing my best to separate myself from the ‘industry’ and more just have fun doing the music. So, I’m letting other people handle the other stuff which has been a huge help in keeping things exciting.

How much of your personalities do you bring forward in your work?
Andrew: That’s an interesting question. I think our personality does come across quite well in the sort of music we create and the way we say things. Most of our content is based on something other than what it sounds like, it often sounds like we’re singing about a person when we’re actually talking about a situation or idea most of the time.
Brian: More so now than ever. In the past we were both much more about metaphorical music, but people don’t listen the same way anymore, so we’re much more forward and direct about what we’re saying, and I think that’s actually helping bring the personalities across a lot more. At least for me.

Your source of inspiration?
Andrew: Hard to say really. Life in general is inspiring.
Brian: As corny as it sounds, my inspiration comes from life. To be honest, it’s a lot easier to write about things that are frustrating or sad – so whenever something happens that makes me feel that way, I find that a huge inspiration to work with.

What can we expect from Locnville ?
Andrew: Constant experimentation. We like the process of creation; it’s something we both do intrinsically.
Brian: At this moment in time, just more collaborations. I’m having so much fun working with different people and adding new flavours into the music.

Listen: Locnville – Better with Silence (feat. YoungstaCPT)