Our thoughts are easily influenced by what we see and we tend to somehow relate with. We see good artist’s everyday on TV, internet and many other media forms but what we don’t see it’s their real selves. They are different in their various ways as image boosts artist as this is art as a whole.

Your image is important as an artist in many ways and being unique is one vital part of it. That unique image plays a role with your music too, hence why you wouldn’t find a gay gangsta rappers because being gay it’s not gangster, never mind if you know a gay gang. The image you choose it will either make or break you, so it is important to give it a lot of thinking before a final decision.


It becomes very easy to recognise any artist if their image is unique as possible, that’s their style and they are known of it. You cannot miss Rick Ross from all fat rappers with that up to date beard and topless body full of tattoos.


Your image may be a good or bad influence. Tupac had a ‘THUG LIFE’ tattoo on him; it then became a bad influence on the streets when violence behavior rose amongst the youth. It was never his intentions as the acronym THUG LIFE had a positive meaning linked to his lyrics. The problem is the acronym appeared as a full name instead and directly meant exactly what it said. It took time for a lot to even know it was an acronym. Reason why I speak of a tattoo it is because it adds on the image of an artist. Have you imagined a gangsta rapper without any tattoo? Anyway, whether you have planned well or not on your image, chances are 50/50 it may be of a good or bad influence or dominate either side, work hard on good dominance influence side and keep it simple.


Your image can start a new trend and that is equal to success because you are the reference of that trend and you stand a lot of a chance to be most popular of that moment. So work hard on getting that unique image and a good one too.


Yes, a great image can turn into a great opportunity for you as an artist. Corporates are always looking for someone who can relate to their brand and well known for who they are so they can be ambassadors linked to that specific brand. It makes sense why AKA was chosen for Cruz Vodka, he’s that Mr. Nice guy type with a successful person in life type of image. No matter how bad liquor is, they always make it appear better and advertise it with most positive and a success fantasy, that’s what you get from AKA’s image, better lifestyle and success, so his image gave him that opportunity.


The image you choose can make you fit into something far from the real you. Brenda Fassie was old but her image would link with the youth as the way she dressed and that made her appear young every time within the public scene. Her energy was significant since young people have too much energy to perform on stage, so that maintained her image to fit in.