The greatest hip hop DJ/Turntablist in South Africa as he won the SA DMC Championship four times and also won the Western Cape Regional Champs and Dj Of The Decade Award with no doubt definitely he is the most exciting dj to see perform live. 


Since the 1991 tour what have you been up to?
I have since started on radio, music production and TV, community development campaigns such as the drug awareness in schools. I’m also involved with groups around the music environment.

Is there a future for the school of scratching in SA?
Yes, we introduced the Scratch Lab DJ Academy at SAE and that started in a wendy house in my back yard 10 years ago and it has grown since. We managed to partner with SA graphic designers and sound design campuses. Partnering with entities like these help us grow in terms of professionalism.

Tell us more about stunt driving?
It’s a driving environment were you are to perform skills while the car is in full swing and im very good at it. As we have very talented drivers in SA especially in drifting and spinning community and there is a lot of companies that use them to do stunts in their movies and that is how I ended up in a movie called “Death Race 2” and “Honey 3”. Most recent I know here in Cape Town there is a lot of drivers that participate as we know a lot of film companies come down here to do their movies.

Since you are a DJ and you also received P.O.C not forgetting doing a remix for Fiesta Black on your album are you also getting in with the dance groove or commercial house?
Generally people know me for my work in the Hip Hop music genre but I’ve loved all genres and to work with anybody regardless. Most recent project that I was busy with was a theatre production called “Die Riel Van Hip Hop” which is focused on fusing Khoi San and Hip Hop music and it went telling our history and heritage through music, the production was educative to a lot of people.

What are your intentions for 2018 and beyond?
Currently busy with a new album to be launched soon together with my dj crew and producers. Road safety campaigns throughout Cape Town with young people educating them about safety throughout my NPO.