Marcio McFly has been an integral part of the 51Beats since its inception. An artist who isn’t afraid to stray back and forth across genre lines, he has put together a body music touching on house, techno and hip-hop. His new album, ‘Space Safari’, is an operatic exploration these three genres, all filtered through a dominating vein in Marcio McFly’s music: synthesizers. ‘Space Safari’ is just that: a journey through wild cosmic environments that will blow your mind.

Marcio starts us off with two introductory tracks, ‘Divorzio all’Italiano’ and ‘Mandali’, which serve as mission statements for the album. ‘Divorzio all’Italiano’ brings us a scratched radio-esque announcement while synths and laidback beats slowly bubble to the surface. ‘Mandali’ is a house music affair with softly slashing synthesizers on repeat over a fiercely head-bobbing bass and drums mix that drop in and out of the mix over the course of the track. The next three tracks deliver a mini-suite of hip-hop style beats. ‘Predicatori’ is a semi instrumental track with samples of horns and a scratched-into-oblivion vocal sample following the first two verses. A deep, rumbling bass gives way to synths and an almost DJ Shadow style beat on ‘Mentre Dormi’. ‘Idris’ is back into straight hip-hop with funky guitar; classic nineties beat and yet more scratched vocal samples. The track moves through a series of stages before ending.

‘Esperienza Mediterranea’ serves as a half-way interlude on the album. A deep, meditative track, you are brought through a series of synthesizer landscapes. Owing more to the earlier geniuses of synthesiser music than it does to any form of dance floor music, ‘Esperienza’ calls to mind the likes of Tangerine Dream and other kindred spirits. We are back into European hip-hop with ‘Under Bass’, a slow, grooving beast of a track. Bar after bar is spit over inescapable bass rumble. ‘TR.B.ALL’ brings us back to the dance floor in a big way. New elements are constantly introduced to the music as the sound grows and blossoms into a fully-fledged techno track. ‘Armadillo’ is another hip-hop throwback, this time calling to mind the likes of A Tribe Called Quest with its laidback tempo and swinging bass line. ‘Arrivederci e Grazie’ is features an acoustic guitar ostinato and deep hip-hop beat around which synthesizers, electric guitars and even a harmonica dance.

The last two tracks on the album are ‘Con Gas’ and a remix of ‘Mentre Dormi’. The two dance floor filling tracks bring to a close an adventure of an album. Exploring a range of dance floor, electronic and hip-hop influences, Marcio McFly’s free-flying experimentation with genres touches on more than could ever be mentioned. For those who want to explore music and learn about its past and future at the same time, look no further than ‘Space Safari’.