Frankie Deep?
Everything started when I was 12 years old, I still remember my cousin introduced me the first time to dance, after many years I bought my first decks. After that my life has never been the same again. Step by step my passion grew and pushed me in leaving Terracina were I was born. I travelled from London, Ibiza to Amsterdam to develop my skill in djing, however it was the year 2004 in Amsterdam when I came close to music production software’s and instruments from there I became more fascinated in producing music.

What is your opinion about the music scene currently?
Well nothing to say…

What was the first record you purchased from your entire collection?
Nice…I always keep it safe and clean in my vinyl collection, I actually bought at a legendary record shop Black Market in London, it was a Amsterdam record.

Do you have any other performers who share the same vision or support your movement?
Not at the moment.

If you would get a South African booking, what can people expect from you?
It would be so great for me; great sound will be played for sure.