Miss Monique?
I started my career in 2011 and my type of work was different compared to other DJs. I didn’t produce music at that moment but one of the options was how to get attention from people and basically the creation of a radio show called Mind Games came into place and as we can see it worked.

What have you learned in the music scene as a female DJ and producer?
When I started my career, it was really hard to be a female DJ and no one took you seriously. However nowadays it’s changing, people can imagine a female being a DJ.

Tell us more about Mind Games?
MGP it’s my own radio show which was created in 2013, and I’m very proud of this being part of my work. Most of DJs promote themselves with produced tracks but I’m doing it in an old-school style with the radio show. People around the world know me not because of track which I produce; they know me because of Mind Games Podcast. Now I have more than 8 million views on YouTube just of my radio show.

Lot of DJs/producers think that you need to be under a popular label to make it big in this scene, what can you say about that?
I think it can help but it’s not the main thing, I know a lot of good producers which are under good label but they are just seating in their studios and don’t have any gigs as DJs. It depends what exactly you want to have on the highest point of your career. Popular labels doesn’t mean success.

Your musical breakthrough?
I’m still working on it but I felt huge changes in my career the year 2017 when one of my videos got first million views on YouTube.

How’s the dance scene in Ukraine and different experiences?
Unfortunately the dance scene in Ukraine it’s not as good as in other European countries. Too much commercial I think but I have a hope that it is going to change in the nearest future.

Do you see yourself networking with South African Female DJs or producers?
I’m not sure that I know somebody of that part of the world but I’m always open for work and meeting with new people.