Having a career in music, some see it as something lite and of which any one can do, but guess what, there are many musicians but fewer are noticeable and on their way to stardom and most are already there. Being honest like any other occupation it entails extreme passion to survive and be the best you can although it might seem as if your path is taking a stretch, but it’s preparing you to being your original self. A successful career path has guidelines to consistency to achieving your goals within the industry, trust me whatever you working on as an artist it is achievable.

This industry entails you to take the leap especially knowing that it’s better than just sitting there and waiting for people to make it happen for you. Consider the following rules in making it on your own:

1. Be a doer

The first time you chose to be an artist, it was because of the passion you had and seeing your ability being shared across continents and nations, that was the first moment you believed in yourself and to make use of your passion. Being a doer takes real energy of making it happen it being the first spark of your career. In this case you now putting things into reality no matter how hard it takes or obstacles that are there, or how many embarrassing moments you come across. Just believe and do it. It maybe learning an instrument for the first time or opening that production software, training your vocal chords in sounding the way you in vision them.

2. Work on your dreams

A dream is mainly your lifetime project within your career, making it happen it can take skills, drive, and uniqueness and knowing people within that particular stream you venturing into. Some might be too busy for you, it being they have arrived where they want to be and looking back to help you might not be beneficial for them: well that’s what we all come across. Always put in mind that people who will help and support your dreams are people who know the struggle within the music industry and who share the same vision you pitch. Paying attention to the industries nightmare might draw you back on the other hand paying attention to your dream and vision will see you through the nightmares and obstacles.

3. Be Creative

The only thing that matters it is what you creating, it may take 24 hours to come up with a groove, melody, harmony and arrangement for a single song. In actual truth I would say time doesn’t exist when you are creating. I remember when I used to play in a band we would create, and even forget that we have to eat, it’s even worse we would even rehearse for 8 hours thinking that we only did 2 hours. Why being that it’s because of less relaxing but more thinking figuring out problems within the song and how it sounds, that is the most enjoyable experience ever. Now a lot of artists can relate with that, some might think you being crazy but that’s the perfection of creative minds. Your creative thought can turn into a life changing factor.

4. Master your Craft

Master your craft to maintain your ability to succeed. One would ask how do I master my craft? Well its simple you generally know how you want your music/production or live set to sound like. Work on that to your full capacity through practice and always try not to be mono-minded. Master your taste and sound, don’t be limited to that though. Explore with other genres to enlarge your skill as an artist/producer/instrumentalist by exploring in other perspectives of sound, that strengthens your craft in its own unique manner. Always keep your mind fast and open to new ideas and your eyes open at all times to be in the creative community, and the creative community is gadgets, technology and software E.g. You being a vocalist or instrumentalist or dj that shouldn’t limit you on learning a music production software, that applies vice versa.

5. Turn dreams into reality

Anybody can have all bunch of dreams but the issue is, there is no concrete way to turn them into reality. What I have noticed is people become dizzy and hypnotized by their own dreams, however there is a spark in every musician/producer/dj out there that has the ability to change the world. The most essential skill is to dream and convert that dream in a way that inspires. The other skill is also having the ability to be magnetic to invite all the right components within your dream that you have crafted inorder to grow successfully. Being honest that is hardest thing to do though and such components don’t come around very often, as I said only the passionate one’s make it in this industry. Make it a point that you define your success for yourself.