Life as a musician has never been easy working your way to the top has its own obstacles, some survive the challenges and some become weak hearted in what they do. As musicians don’t be too hard on yourself, looking back will always be a motivational form, from where you are and where you come from, to be where you are now. The main concern is focusing on what you aiming for.

Things you should focus on:

1. Trust your abilities; eliminate over-think

The heaviest regret of 2017 was “trying too hard.” 2018 you have to work smart and insert extra effort but it’s a very thin line between that and trying too hard and most mistakes happen there. The only thing that might help is taking a much more different approach this time around. Eliminate second guessing and mainly go with your instincts, trust what you do and always be original at all times, it cost nothing to be you.

2. Laziness the master of procrastination!

Seemingly feeling lazy of an enormous to-do list? Maybe things are just too much for you. Not sure where to start, whatever the reason being, we all stall out from time to time. Success is only destined for those who crave it passion, just go for it even if that means starting with one small task it shall build up into something massive only determined by your consistence. Procrastination has always been a drawback factor for most musicians, 2017 you had an aim to see yourself somewhere else but still you there where you started. 2018 make it happen and stop nursing your feeling but stand up and fight for your success.

3. Sharpen your moves

Most powerful thing is an idea but marinating an idea before execution makes it more unique and solid. For example lot and lots of DJs and musicians have live stream feeds and shows but they all seem to be following and doing one thing which makes the whole idea typical. You are a musician: ask yourself this: how do I differ from others? What will make my music the greatest and noticeable? How can my events differ from others? When I do a mix how will my mix standout? Always be more thoughtful before jumping at an opportunity. It almost sounds too simple but laying your options out plainly helps you make sense of them. If you still struggling-seeking for advice from fellow musicians in your local scene — can help you weigh out whatever still concerning you.