MFR Souls?
Maero and Force Reloaded. It all started in 2012 as Maero and Force Reloaded. The name is an acronym of our stage names. Mfr Souls is originally from Katlehong (K1). Maero was born and raised in Thokoza while Force is from Moleleki, got inspired in into the music scene by the unique sounds of Bekzin Terris and Dj Clock.

How did the genre Amapiano come about, I believe you the guys who actually introduced that in SA?
The sound started off as ‘Afro Soul’ with drums, soulful laid back chords and lead by piano melodies which gave it a jazzy groove, then the people named it as ‘Amapiano’. House music has always been there, and we would say we just introduced it to South Africans with our touch. And then people loved it more so we more like one of the leading pioneers in the genre.

Your view about the genre Amapiano, do see its existence 4 years from now?
The genre is growing a lot, it has reached Africa and Overseas as a whole and still making waves in the streets, and yes we still see it growing big in the coming years. And the main reason being that South Africans have claimed the sub-genre and put it there with Kwaito

What’s the main element that you never leave behind when producing your music?
Bass line.

Define your musical production in two words?
Laid Back

The differences between the two of you?
Well, Maero is more into melodies and Force Reloaded is into drums.

How much of your personality do you bring forward in your work?
90% of it. THE personality you put into your work determines whether the track is done with passion. If you put less personality then your song will just fade quickly but if u put more personality it will make it easier for people to relate with it and it won’t fade too quickly. So a lot of personality goes along way.

What separates you from other local producers?
The sounds, the melodies we come up with and not forgetting the message in our songs. Each song has a story. And I think that’s what the people connect with.

What can we expect from you?
More music, especially in the form of an album this year. Got a great surprise for our fans as this time we have infused vocals to the songs.