Things you need to know before you go for recording

As an artist you must have a clear idea of how you want to exactly sound like and know how to obtain that sound. The best method for this is to stick to what works to your best advantage, in simple terms your true style. However, as a producer you must familarise yourself with different types of techniques. Knowing what type of instruments will help your sound that you are building up to blend together in an essential manner. Feel comfortable as much as you can, making it easier to toss up ideas in your working space.

Apply ancient and modern techniques in a recording/production builds your sound to be different and rich. Let people view your sound and give their views but don’t let them have authority in changing your sound (Remember that’s your song). As an artist/producer, it’s always suggested to record your sound in a studio that really understands your genre perfectly, than going to an opposite studio. Don’t just spend your money in a studio: firstly you must have time management to save time and cash. Another simplest way is approaching college students who are studying music production courses, this will be part of their learning curve, mainly they have studio access at their schools free of charge.

Time is vital, practice and practice as many times as you can to get your production/lyrics straight because studio time is no joke, just do your thing straight forward. Remember always to be organised and professional, however keep this in mind a demo is no longer a good strategy to getting a deal: instead internet is the key to push your music further to higher heights. Always know that your image as an artist can also be your source of income and defiantly can take you places.