”The internet has put the world to one small gadget like the cell phone, why restrict your art to one country”

For some would say if house was a nation DJ Mbuso would be the presiding officer of South African house music. Mbuso Twala, legendarily known as DJ Mbuso from a diverse, artistic world renowned place called Soweto. Growing up on a lot of Soul, Funk, Disco and European electronic music, Mbuso is one of the DJs who has been instrumental in spearheading the dance/electronic movement in South Africa and he has as in still an integral part in the South African dance culture.

Tell us more about your label Phezulu Records?
Phezulu Records was always a division of Soul Candi. So when I decided to get back to the game it only made sense to continue as Phezulu Records as the guys had made some changes to my other baby. Needed a fresh start and my main focus then was to work harder on pushing local music. Signing the works of award winning artists like Black Coffee, Rhythmic Elements, Dr Duda from Micasa, also working with DJ Mandla, DJ Claude, DJ China, DJ Ganyani, Tokzen, Mdoo, QT and list goes on.

“I actually needed a break and wanted to pursue other interests, there is nor, and there was no bad blood with me and Soulcandi Crew”

What is your view on our local producers signing overseas rather than pushing their music this side on local labels such as Phezulu Records?
Working with international labels and artists is very good for our growth. The internet has put the world to one small gadget like the cell phone why restrict your art to one country.

What’s your view towards our local production currently?
Our production has come a long way. Look at the genres that have come out since 94. Obviously we still need to grow like our independence, there is a lot we need to polish but we are getting there.

What more can we expect from you?
The future holds a lot. I took some time off production and the label to refocus on my djing as that is my primary thing and other interests but 2018 going forward you will see more releases on Phezulu now called WAP (WeArePhezulu).