Music being the essence of Dan Curtin, from his beginnings in early 1990s Cleveland, Ohio, to current day Berlin, Germany, the ground-breaking DJ and producer continues to defy conventions and pushing boundaries.

How much of your personalities do you bring forward in your work?
100% because each track is literally a snapshot of who I am and what I’m feeling at the time, to me listening to one of my tracks is like staring into the mirror  – which is why I don’t really listen to them after they are done.

What makes your sound unique?
My number one rule has always been, since the day I started, to delete or stop as soon as the music begins to sounds familiar to me in any way and now that methodology is so ingrained into my process that I can’t make things that sound like other things.

You make night-time music, would you title it as underground?

Which works best for you big festivals or small intimate dance floors?
Both, two different things entirely, both fun in their own way. Big floors are super easy and relaxing (have you seen the shit people get away with on big stages at festivals?) while rocking small basement rooms is work time!

What can we expect from you?
Yep, releases coming out under my own name, under my house alias, Purveyors of Fine Funk, as well as releases on my own label, Metamorphic.  Next up on the label is a a various artist vinyl compilation featuring all new artists.