“We just follow what our energies inspire us to do in front of our keyboards and turntables”

We’ve been friends since more than 25 years; we met at a very young age at school. The rise of house music in the scene during the 80s, we fell in love with this music genre while our friends were listening to pop and rock music (U2, Duran Duran and more). We were the two talented musicians so during the early 90s, we begun to compose our first demo productions at home with a Roland DJ-70 and a Commodore Amiga (computer).

Flavio ‘Muscle’ Romaniello: In those days I was a professional American Football player (defensive nose guard) in the Italian championship A1í series and my nickname in the team was Muscle and later on worked as bouncer in different discos around Milano during disco-nights.

William ‘Harley’ Cataldo: I came in front of the club with my first Harley 883 Hugger a mutual friend looked at us and said “here they are: Harley&Muscle”.

We immediately felt that this name would fit exactly what we are. Immediately, we registered Harley&Muscle to the relevant copyright authorities and we started to give this cool name to our demo productions in 1996 as we released our first 12inch: Harley&Muscle – ‘Another Lonely Day’

As a team how do you guys differ individually?
We are very similar but also absolutely different kind of people. William ‘Harley’ is a very talented musician/drummer and his way of living is ‘go with the flow’. Flavio ‘Muscle’ is also a musician with very strong personality and he expresses his feelings through music composing.

Your pure definition of Deep house music?
The real House Music of the early 80s and now it’s called Deep House; this genre will always remain in the streets because it’s an expression of the souls that are enjoying it. It’s a feeling, it’s a universal language spoken and understood by all (Mr. Fingers Can U feel it, 1986)

What keeps you going as being one of the best House duo’s in the industry?
We are very kind. Producing, mixing and remixing, that’s our natural way to express our feelings inside our souls. 22 years within the scene, we just follow what our energies inspire us to do in front of our keyboards and turntables.

Is there a difference between Soulstar Records and Little Angel Records?
Sure. Soulstar Records (www.soulstarrecords.com) is our German label for singles and compilations. Little Angel Records (www.littleangelrecords.com) is our label for our own albums and other artists albums. The ‘relation’ between the labels is that both are based in Cologne (Germany) and they are co-owned with our partner Mr. Ufuk Kilic, since more than 20 years in the music industry.

 Any upcoming projects we can expect?
We are right now working on our 11th album to be release on Little Angel Records and different 2CD compilations as “House Classics VIII”, “G Lounge Milano Volume 15”, “Kay Rush presents Unlimited XX” & “Cafe Solaire 26” for our Soulstar Records.