If you don’t need a needle or proprietary control vinyl, then you have technology that can easily turn any motorised platter into a digital deck. So all those people wanting motorised decks, this technology will allow for the manufacture of simple motorised turntables all different sizes that don’t need USB ports. So while I’m not entirely convinced that MWM’s Phase technology sending DVS (digital vinyl system) to an early grave, there’s a great deal of potential for it in other areas.

A wireless remote that is inserted over the turntable spindle and placed on top of the vinyl. The USB powered hub is plugged into the RCA line inputs on an audio interface, or mixer with an audio interface. The rotational data from the remotes is transmitted to the hub, which converts it to timecode, which in turn is sent to your laptop via USB.

The Dock is basically a charging station for the Remotes, once Phase is fully charged, you will be safe for around 10 hours. And to reach full charge, you can count between 1 and 2 hours, leaving you with enough time of playing your set. The Dock also acts as the timecode output device – it sends timecode signal out of RCA outputs on the rear of the unit to your mixer or soundcard and it’s designed to work with any DVS (digital vinyl system) software.

Phase does not read the record itself; it only tracks your turntable’s rotation. You can even use Phase without a record at all, so this is all about substituting the need for control vinyl and a tone arm. But the removal of a stylus does mean no needle dropping. The equivalent in the digital age is a touch strip, so all is not lost but it’s important to remember that people actually love to use the very things that Phase aims to banish. So no matter how amazing this tech is, turntables, vinyl, and cartridges are going nowhere.