Who’s Dino Bravo not the one who’s known in public already, especially before he came to SA?
Where should I start? Dino Bravo is really a simple guy. I come from a military family. I grew up in a military boarding school in Cuba and I was really a smart kid lol.

Hip hop has been part of you for a long time, where does the love for it come from?
My love for hip hop started as a dancer specifically breakdancing as I saw guys such as Turbo and Ozone on TV and I was hooked after that. After some few years of dancing I tried rapping and that worked out well, so hip hop has been embedded in my life since then.

Your versatility has much love to the audience, what deeply triggered you to play multiple genres unlike a typical DJ playing only one?
My versatility comes from growing up and traveling to different places around the world. There’s so many music styles that I truly adore that when I became a DJ I just had to share that with everyone, as i remember when I used to be criticized for doing that. But guess what? Everyone is now doing it. So I won lol.
Playing one style of music means that you are musically handicapped.

What is your motto?
Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken, whatever you do in life make sure that it’s something as a touch of you and it reflects who you are.

Your SA top 5 hip hop DJs of all time?
1-DJ Ready D
2-DJ Waxxy
3-Ryan The DJ
4-DJ Bego
5-DJ Milkshake

Motivation to upcoming DJs?
The music industry is not for the faint hearted, if you give up easily this industry is not for you and if you expect honest 24/7. This industry is not for you, if you get easily offended when people talk behind your back this industry is not for you. It comes down to how much you really want to succeed at this.
No amount of motivation will make you take the plunge.
Only confidence, self-belief and sacrifice will get you to the top.

Let us be the first to know your future plans that nobody knows 🙂
I’m currently working on my last album and yes you heard right. One last album and that’s it. Been working on it for almost 4 Years so it’s good to finally start sharing the music with y’all


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