The “Warm. Organic. Heartfelt. Energetic. Genuine sound”, senses that will stimulate your thoughts to its original state…

From a little town near Frankfurt, in the middle of Germany there comes Stimming, as from his school days he moved to Hamburg in the very north of Germany where summer is shorter and the weather being grey but the city never disappoints.

“In case you might wonder how I came into music: I was born with it”

Moving people’s hearts and feet that’s what you will experience when listening to Stimming. The sound that shares the same feelings, being much less different from each other than outer conditions.

”Music should translate to anyone no m atter how much he understands”

A certain mind set and openness he carries fully understand his musical interpretation, by the age of 10 he had already playing a piano, violin and drums. He was in a good path as it gave realisation to what he really wanted to do, as his destination for music at the age of 16 it then began through production with his path clear in mind. In 2006 he then met two guys namely Solomun and Adriano who started up their label, Dynamic Music, that same year of which Stimming soon started releasing his breakthrough sound, the year 2008 he then relesed a track titled ‘Una Pena’ as it made the electronic world sit up and take notice. In 2009 he then released his immaculate debut album ‘Reflections’ to great acclaim fortifying his reputation as one of the most exciting new producers of his generation and notching him an ‘Ibiza DJ Award’ in the category of ‘Best Newcomer’.

Good speakers and headphones are a producers best friends”

Stimming: Such are basically a music producer’s canvas and of course as canvas needs to be as white and neutral as possible and clearly makes sense. The bigger problem with speakers (mostly any of them) is – they are far away from being perfect and they interfere heavily with the room and it’s even more complicated.

Apart from speakers and headphones, Stimming is a huge fan of Elektron analog rhythm being of its over bridge functionality as it’s technology from Elektron (a Swedish company) that allows him the use of hardware instrument as a software plugin inside his digital audio workstation. However hardware still has advantages in sound while software is unreached when it comes to total recall and convenience. For Stimming, elektron machines are already hybrid instruments meaning the sound building core is real analog circuitry and being controlled by a fast and streamlined digital interface.

Stimming: What over bridge does is, streaming the audio into a USB connection which appears inside the DAW instead of giving the audio out via the normal outputs as this simplifies a producers life. It is modern and has a flexible sound and the Elektron octatrack with its incredible sampler seeing most forward thinking technology played a big role in my art.

“I entered the stage people started shouting: Stimming! Stimming! Stimming!” 

One thing worth mentioning is the special bond that exists between Stimming and South Africa where his frequent visits have earned him an extremely loyal fan base. Coming to South Africa especially being the seventh time last year, as he finds it very important having a mixed audience in South Africa because of his sound connects people and not to divide.

Auckland, New Zealand: As he played with his friend Nico Stojan in a place that was normally used as a pizza restaurant, the promoters had to put a type-writer in another room to write down people’s worries and then shared right away as the place became wild while he was playing seeing people jumping around and going totally nuts during his set proved his reign to this scene.

”Finish the tracks, you only learn from mistakes that you actually did. if you’re afraid to finish you will not move on”