René Wolski, born 1984, Bielefeld, Germany

Would you say Deep Inspiration show it’s a duplication of Deeper Shades of House?
I don’t think so; it means all deep house podcasts would be a duplication of Deeper Shades because  being one of the first podcasts, well Lars is always doing 2 hours mixes as he always mixes the first one hour and second hour it’s a guest mix but I do my own mixes either guest or main mix. There is no rule about the length of a mix and I don’t talk during my shows. I don’t know if my show is different from others in general. This you have to ask people who listen to my show. I just like to share music that I love, it’s the same with the guests. It’s not always about the big names but about people who have passion for music.

What do you love about South Africa?
What I love about South Africa it’s the passion for music in general and of course it’s amazing to find so many followers and friends in this beautiful country. Even though in South Africa people say the “deephouse” scene isn’t that big but it’s huge for me compared to Germany. South Africans are always hungry for new music and so interested in music. Parties are always amazing and an experience for me as you can’t find parties like this in Germany, the vibe is so different in a positive way.

I follow a lot of producers from South Africa and my favorites I play in my sets and there is a lot of talent that’s why I also try to support people from South Africa on my label Deep Inspiration Show Records.


Which current record would you say it’s a must have?
Deep is Dead’ by Dubbyman on Deep Explorer.

Any releases?
I just released a cool 3track EP by “Sir Sabzee”  from South Africa. It’s already out on Bandcamp and will be released in most online stores end of February. The next big thing is the first vinyl release with various artists around the globe, titled ‘Various Inspirations Wax Sampler’ a 5 dope deep tracks from different artists around the world, including artists from Germany, Estonia, Iceland and Deep Sentiments from Johannesburg. Mastered by Sven Weisemann and the artwork by my friends from Sounds So Deep (Pretoria, South Africa). This release is just fresh on the market and already available in most stores including Vinylifestyle in Johannesburg.