The pure magician of Chicago melodic inspiration can be heard in songs of limitless musicians, mostly those who appreciate the earnest and loving masterpieces of Larry Heard’s sound. The song tilted ‘Mystery of Love’ being one of his first release the year 1986 being a collabo with vocalist Robert Owens under the group name Fingers Inc.

At a tender age he grew up listening to jazz and motown as it being the driving force of his musical calling and having the ability and skill of playing several instruments that paved light to his authentic sound, as he has been blessed with a unique gift that sends listeners into an enjoyable state. Heard started out playing drums in a jazz-fusion cover band, but later on he left the group of its restrictions as he being an ex0perimentalist that being his nature. Later on he then purchased a synthesizer and a drum machine that being his stepping stone to his major expansion of Chicago house music. 1985 being the birth of Alleviated Records his own label being the transportation of getting his recordings shared between radio stations and ultimately being broadcasted in clubs.

The establishment of Alleviated records popularised Larry Heard, as rewarding deals that shadowed with the likes of DJ International and Trax Records were an exercise for Larry, who used them as a catalyst for his notable career. At the age of 58, you could assume that Heard would choose to ignore the demands of today’s music scene as his production remains flexible, evening though his hearing got damaged in 2012. However that being the case his condition never meant that his output would be muted, as his music caters for the new and old school.

Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers album release, titled Cerebral Hemispheres : April 2018

01. Full Moon
02. City Streets
03. Urbane Sunset
04. Sands Of Aruba
05. Tiger Lounge
06. A Day In Portugal
07. Sao Paulo
08. Crying Over You
09. Cerebral Hemispheres
10. Electron
11. Outer Acid
12. Inner Acid
13. Spy
14. Stratusfly
15. Nodyahed
16. Quazars
17. Aether
18. Praise To The Vibes