“If I wanted people to know something they don’t know about me they would know already, I’m not that of a mysterious person”

From a classical background to House
My mother was a classical dancer who ended up working with contemporary dance choreographers, so of course she was the first one to teach me to always look forward and never stop to a genre as she made me learn a bit of guitar, flute and harp, but there was also dance and Equestrian vaulting classes (gymnastique while horse riding) needless to say there was never an empty day in my childhood, everyday there was something new to learn. When I discover electronic music as a teenager on my Walkman with my recording tapes from radio FG (the first electronic music radio station in France with dj’s like Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, D’julz) I finally had the impression I found my thing my own passion in a family where everyone had his own passion and were really good at it. 

Thanks to electronic music, I could escape from myself, there was always something very introspective and meditative in this music for me it really allows me to dream with open eyes you know? I make myself little movies or sometimes it’s just images and ideas that are coming to my mind, it was always helping me to think deeper and forward without any boundaries. Even when I discover electronic music in clubs which I love of course, it’s still never the same feeling then when I’m by myself and I can just let go my thoughts and ideas cradle by the music. This is also why I worked in video for years and making music video was for me the most basic thing to do for me as when I listen to a track (that only work with track that have a soul of course, it’s something that I feel it right away!) It’s like I can visualise the atmosphere, the mood, and the feelings of it very clearly.

Lifetime Inspiration?

Traveling, partying, meeting people, and of course falling in love and breaking up, not that I love breaking up but I think great joy and great pain are moments of hyper sensitivity to things and that generate always something even if we like it or not.

 I must say you are a musical genius; you are a harpist and a vocalist. Do you incorporate both in your production?

hahah I don’t think I’m a musical genius but thank you! I do use my voice as a tool for my tracks but I think more than the sound of my voice for me it’s more about the lyrics and about trying to keep the feelings and the surroundings I had when I recorded it. This is what I did with my Track l’Ile for example. The harp I wish I didn’t gave it away years ago but even if I didn’t I’m living between different cities and that wouldn’t be so easy to carry around, maybe one day I will recorded something with a Harp, but I’m not that sure it would be easy to incorporate in an electronic track! 

The birth of your Djing career, take us through when was the emergence of it?

I start Djing 10 years ago out of my passion for music and after I finished directing a documentary on electronic music but the funny thing is that becoming a professional DJ was never my idea. I had a lot of offer to play to soon and the stage pressure and playing in front of a crowd was for years extremely stressful and not so enjoyable so I quickly start to avoid any big gigs and continue studying. I realised very quickly that this job have to do a lot with lots of self-confidence and even a bit of megalomania because you kind of have to impose your taste, your style, your vibe over others, I think it’s possibly part of the reason there was for years more men than women doing this job. Women are usually more aware of what’s surrounding them, mostly are more sensitive and maybe some of us tend more to please people then impose ourselves, and that involve also insecurity when you are in front of the crowd it’s hard to control and direct all the vibes you getting when you’re so sensitive. So anyway I use to say my job was a documentaries and filmmaker more than a DJ and I always worked and study while I was Djing during the weekend, I was lucky enough that I always had offer to play as resident in small bars, hotels and small venues where i didn’t had the pressure and I could really play and experiment how to Dj. Seriously I think it take years and years of practice to understand how you can tell your own story with music of others and being resident no matter what size is the place is the best school. Then very recently, maybe 2 years ago, I came to realize after all those years, music was still the most important thing in my life and the joy of sharing it with the word was bigger than my insecurity after all, so I decided that it was time for me to do what I love to do the most every day of my life…I believe things just come naturally when you are ready and on the right path.

How would you describe your sound? 

I can’t really describe my sound I like so many different things, trying to define my music is like trying to stop something that is in constant motion witch is my music taste, but I can tell you two words that often comes back about my personality it’s spontaneous and intense.

Which advice would you give to upcoming female Djs? 

To trust in your taste and to not let any trends or other Djs (male or female) influence you too much, to use your personality and understanding of the world when you play and to get a residency in a small club where you can experiment.


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