“Music was the miracle that helped me through my years”

An entertainer with over 150 albums and movies written, Corey Smith aka 1Mill one of the founders of I’m Back Entertainment hailing from South Florida, USA, a game changer in the music industry.

Who is 1 Mill?
1Mill is the definition of who Corey has become, his learned lessons in the Flesh.

The name 1Mill?
I chose the Name 1Mill because a million dollars can make you or Break you. So many people reach for it, however very few obtain it, and those that do get to that point are never the same thereafter.

Why Hip Hop?
Hip Hop originated from oppression, our natural voice against it. So why not Hip Hop. I understand, believe in and breathe it.

Your motivation?
Being alone motivates me because I can go where my third eye guides me and find the most creative places that allows me to bring out the best form of me daily.

“I’ve been betrayed so much it made me study to be loyal”

1Mill compared to Corey?
1Mill is the greater half of Corey, 1Mill keeps Corey in check in every sense of the word.

Upcoming projects?
Absolutely! Currently I am fine tuning my latest mix tape entitled “The Perfect 7” which will feature different styles that will definitely strike a chord with the masses and I am working on some tech projects that I believe will be a game changer in the tech world.