“I have been working really hard on music for the past 3 years and it’s all finally coming out this year. Can’t say much more but watch this space”

You’re a DJ, producer, label owner, promoter and a radio personality. How do you handle the pressure of working around everything  making sure that all is in tacked?
Music is my life; it is what I wake up to and it follows me throughout the day. I suppose I have been doing it for so long that I just get on with it, from listening to promos for my radio show Selective Styles through to licensing music for my label Stay True Sounds and promoting my monthly party #2Sidesofthebeat. It just all comes together in my day to day, all of these activities are work for me, what puts food on the table. I am in a very lucky position to be surviving off what I love, other things I do is spending time with my family, my son & wife keep me very busy too.

Stay True Sounds, how the venture began?
I started the label with a good friend Jullian Gomes about two years ago and the music we licensed and represented have been all about what we love which isn’t just one genre. We have been very blessed to have signed some amazing talent from across the country covering house, soul, and electronica. Jullian left the label late last year to focus on his career but we are still good friends and I continue to carry the flag for Stay True Sounds and we have some amazing music coming out this year.

What keeps you on top of your game always?
I take music very seriously and have been fortunate enough to keep pushing my story and sound for over 20 years which has led me to having my own show on national radio where I get to showcase my taste and findings. I have had an uncompromising outlook and I think keeping my head down and pushing what I truly feel to be great music has got me to where I am today and If you really believe in what you do you got to have patience. It took me time but I am here doing my thing and it just feels like I have just begun.

Tell us more about #2SIDESOFTHEBEAT and Selective Styles your show on 5fm?
#2sidesofthebeat is an event that I run monthly at Kitchener’s and it’s where I get to truly do me. I almost quit DJ’ing seven years ago and needed a space that I could really just play what I felt and the doors opened for me. I use the evening to showcase other artists and DJs on the come up and have had some amazing names on the evening including Zaki Ibrahim, Okmalumkoolkat, MdCL, Rich Medina, King Britt, Dwson, ah the list goes on. Selective Styles is my weekly show on 5FM, I broadcast live every Sunday from 5-7PM and this has truly becoming my focus and favourite part of the week. My aim every week is to play new music from all over and host an artist that I think the world should know more about. So I have feature mixes or live sessions and then talk through as much music as I can.

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