Let’s warm up this conversation…
I’m Simon Hinter and currently residing in Siegen, a small city somewhere near Cologne. My first contact with electronic music, especially deejaying was around the late nineties but I was totally into hip hop and rap at that time and started to scratch on rap instrumentals and doing some hip hop mixes on cheap turntables. A few years later, around 2000, I worked in a local record store and became more addicted to house, techno and of course a lot of jazz, funk and soul records.

“Homework” LP from Daft Punk it’s one record that influenced me a lot and the opportunity of listening to new records every day with good friends of the same feeling for music played a huge role. My first techno party through my former girlfriend also led me to the point of producing my own tracks, as in 2010 I had the opportunity of dropping my first release on vinyl even though it was by accident but I’m happy that it happened.

Tell us about Mr. Backside apart from Simon Hinter?
The music is somewhere between hip hop, broken beats and space jazz? You should check him out. 🙂

You produce good sounds that’s for sure, where does your inspiration come from, also what message are you telling through your music to your fans?
I get inspiration from everywhere, of course as my musical inspiration it’s from jazz, soul, funk and all kinds of music as it could also be from a good movie, a book, the nature or even falling in love can add as inspiration.

I don’t think that there’s a specific message in my music but I create tracks with some soulful or melancholic element, which sends emotions to people who dance to them, as sometimes I have the right idea to make something special, you can call it personality.

Have you performed in South Africa before and if not, would you love to and what is your view about South African house music?
I’ve never performed there but I would definitely love to, it could be amazing! I believe there is a lot of potential in South Africa, I receive so much love and support for my work from SA, it’s awesome and there’s a strong connection through the music in a very positive way of living. It is impressive to see that house music has a big significance such as hip hop in the USA.

Your house music top 5 countries in order?
I’m sure that good house music comes from everywhere and I don’t have any list, honestly but I’m sure that South Africa is placed in the Top 5. 🙂