“Amapiano music is a combination of jazz, soul and deep with an upbeat tempo and added with the signature piano sound”

DJ Stokie?
DJ Stokie is a shy yet funny guy with a big heart. He originates from the local streets of Orlando West, Mzimhlophe, Soweto. Music has always been in his DNA from his youth days playing house music through its different transformations into what his known for now which is his found passion for the Amapiano sound. He has a soul musical background which allows him to tap into the soul, deep music scene.

Would you say Amapiano (house) is it getting the recognition it deserves, the whole of South Africa?
I disagree, the Amapiano sound (house) still known in our local communities and has reached South Africa as a whole. The platform for Amapiano even as DJ’s has not grown strongly into the industry and it is something we aim to change as we continue to mix this sound across various parts of South Africa.

Any other things you’re into?
DJ Stokie has a sound business that provides musical equipment and also executive produces his own music.

What are the challenges do you face as a DJ?
The challenges I often face is being exploited of my talent as many events don’t pay for our worth and always feel they need to bargain with our standard rates, however money is not my issue because the passion for music has kept me relevant in the industry.

All time memorable gig?
It has to be playing at Club Monaco making my big break after being crowned DJ of the month at YFM in 2002.

Describe DJ Stokie using 3 words?
Humble. Passionate. Motivated

Any expectations?
You can expect an album as well as an album tour and a music video for one of the latest tracks in 2018.