Producers played a huge role in the formation of hip hop and the most creative parts of music, and as  producers we all need to produce good  beats. I have been cooking beats for a decade now, it’s what I love! Not just beats, but dope beats.

It’s a competitive industry, technology made it easy for everyone but not everyone can make it easy. Here I share an A – Z list to guide you to produce dope beats. These are not facts but some of the things you may consider and may be very useful through your production journey.

A – (1) Analyse beats in your head whenever you listen to them, study well the sounds that have been used and how are they used. (2) Avoid listening to music before you do your own as this will destroy your vibe and your mind will be on a ‘copy mode’ zone.

B – (1) Be you, not Dre or Timbaland, no! Just BE YOU.

C – (1) Creativity must be on top on your ‘MATTERS MOST LIST’ because this is what describes you as a producer than anything else. This is what is expected from any producer and your uniqueness is born here. (2) Create good vibes in your sounds, I don’t have to explain this and if you wondering why, quit music.

D – (1) DIY, do your own sounds from scratch, live-record them to digital, any sounds but in this case I refer most to sound effects. You can also sell them for extra cash 🙂 (2) Delete crap. Never stay with lame produced beats on your machine, crap belongs to the bin. (3) Don’t be afraid of doing something out of this world, you have a full right to produce your mind.

E – (1) Epic, as long as your beat hasn’t reached this level when you, the producer, listens to it, then it’s not ready to go public. (2) Ear, have a third ear 🙂

I hope you enjoyed. Catch me next time as I proceed in part 2/5