Melchior Sultana?

My origins are all from Malta, Melchior Sultana is an individual who’s has great passion for music and is at the center of his life, and everything about me revolves around music.

What makes your sound so profound?

 It is a reflection and definition of what makes me feel good and right when composing, No thoughts, Just feeling.

What do we need to know about you?

All you need to know is that music and the artistic approach it’s what really counts, everything else is irrelevant.

Besides house music are there other genres you experiment with?

Yes, Most of my releases so far have shown the “House aspect” but i have been involved in various projects, that is the main reason i started the label Profound Sound, as a home for my projects whether it’s called house, soul, hip hop or live.

What can you tell aspiring producers who look up to you?

To make music from the heart and look through the illusion of success and fame and understand that music like all other arts is a self-evolving and a lifetime education.

Any current projects?

Yes, Right now focusing on my own label and upcoming releases on other various labels.


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