Dj Tayta?

I guess the first spark started when I was listening to Michael Jackson as a kid and going nuts dancing naked around the house. The actual Djing started when I was playing in some bands in Colombia, I felt responsible for keeping the vibes up between bands at the events. And the name was through a buddy who was organising an arts event and wanted to put me on the line up, since I didn’t have a name he said that “Dj Tayta” fitted me well and I still agree to that,  as in Colombia we usually call Tayta the traditional medicine man of the local communities. 

The Dance scenes in Hong Kong tell us more about that?

Yes, I live in a city next to Hong Kong called Shenzhen. It’s a brand new city of more than 24 million people. Electronic Dance music is getting more and more popular with the young Chinese but also thousands of young expats live here. I have learned to play more open format dj sets cause of the variety of tastes and openness to musical styles here. The crowd and I usually connect very easily so we have great dance parties every week in different clubs around the region.  

How does it feel being part of Ran music?

Since the first time I heard a Ran Groove compilation release from the Ran Music record label I was in love. The quality and taste of the different artists that are part of it is very refreshing. It’s mostly made of local Chinese artists and a few expats that live in China. I am very proud to be part of it and hope to release an EP through Ran music soon. 

Tell us more about The Goodie Bag?

The Goodie Bag is a podcast that I do twice a month and its part of Phoenix Radio which has other great podcasts every month with different themes. The Goodie Bag focuses in a well curated playlist of music from all over the globe and from any era. Sometimes I might do a 2 hour special of a specific style, for example Space Disco, Early swing Jazz or West African psychedelic music. 

What can we expect from you?  

I’m excited to say that I will release 2 Ep’s the first semester of this year. Firstly on Cutt. Records and the second on, Guangzhou Underground GZUG, both with house and techno experimental tracks. As I just did my first gigs in Germany and Austria. I will also be performing in India in February and back to Mexico at the end of the year. In between that I hope to be doing more tours around China and other Asian Countries. I do a weekly event called Funky Friday here in Shenzhen that has been growing steadily so I want to focus on this as well. I plan to focus more on my live set with analog synths this year so I can start performing as a live electronic act. 


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