I am a DJ/Producer/Artist with a deep curiosity and need to expose myself to various forms of art.  I feel this broadens my perspective always and contributes to the improvement of my own music.  I was born in Toronto, Canada – however, my background/roots are from Trinidad.

Tell us how your love for house music began?

I fell in love with house music when I first heard it.  Technically, it was Detroit Techno that I had heard, but I remember the connection was immediate and created a true obsession to understand who the artists were, what equipment they used to make the music, and what was their inspiration behind it all.

You not just into house music but also Hip Hop, would you say as a Dj/Producer is it safe to specialise in just one genre?

I started my music production in Hip Hop on my own and then was introduced to Mr. Attic who taught me how to use the EPS-16 and how to dig for records properly.  I can say, from observation, he taught me a lot about being focused and disciplined in your craft.  He seemed to like what I was doing in Hip Hop, which I still produce, but I wanted to be full on in House Music. He was cool with and went on to produce for a lot of major Canadian rap artists and even did a track with The Game.

As a DJ, and even producer/artist, it’s important to be clear on what you are setting out to achieve.  I think you can be good at one genre; however, you can be great if you open yourself up to learn from various art forms.  I truly believe the latter approach is advantageous.

You’ve been awarded #1 Jacking House Producer of both 2015 & 2016 by Traxsource, share with us your winning formula?

Thank You!  I can’t say there is a specific formula, but the common factor is to focus on making great music and lend yourself to doing things a bit differently within your craft.  It blows my mind that some people, whether they are artists, producers, or DJs, would spend a wealth of time trying to sound like someone else.  There is great value in bringing your interpretation to the table.  It will set you apart every time. 

Artists you have worked with?

I have worked with a broad range of artist and record labels because my work touches various genres within electronic music.  However, some notable artists I have collaborated with include Cynthia Amoah, DJ Sneak, Mark Farina, Oscar P, Nick Holder, Tommy Largo, Kaytronik, and Cassy.  I have learned a whole bunch from these people and I’m so grateful for those opportunities.  As far as labels are concerned, I’ve been lucky to release on Defected / Classic,  Mikita Skyy, Yoruba, GLA, I’m A House Gangster, Purveyor Underground, Magnetic, Kwench, Rawthentic, Brobot, Frosted, King Street, and Henry Street to name a few

Demuir – Purveyor of all sounds underground?

I developed Purveyor Underground as an inspiration and need to truly support underground electronic music.  The inspiration is extracted from African American slaves seeking freedom and living a life that truly reflects what it means to be human and many achieved this through the Underground Railroad network. From a music perspective, I wanted to create a place that supported our music in its’ rawest form and celebrated artists for doing so by fully embracing the music, culture, and lifestyle of an artist’s truth.  We will be putting out both digital and limited vinyl releases. I also do a weekly podcast called, “Purveyor Chronicles”, and you’ll catch a range of genres within house music followed by an old song/inspiration that supports the foundation underground electronic music is built on.

Expectations from you?

I have 2 full-length LPs coming this year.  One is committed to Jackin’ and the other is focused on a Tech based sound.  Additionally, there are a bunch of remixes and other projects I’m involved that support the launch of Purveyor Underground.

Thanks for having me.


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