Photo: Ronald Berwers

Originally from George (WC), she aims to uplift and inspire those who listen to her music and who she connects with. YOMA is a proud ambassador for Ticia S.A as well as MUD South Africa, mentor for the ATKV-Crecendo program and TV personality

When and how did you first become interested in music?
I became interested in music since I was a kid, eventually started writing lyrics in my head (age 7), was introduced to hip-hop in high school and pursued this amazing art ever since. Currently doing hip-hop fulltime.

You are determined to give Afrikaans the platform it deserves through your lyrical content, how’s that coming along since you have started and do you get the support as well?
At first it was daunting but seeing how well people responded to my set at the African Hip-hop Indaba (2014) as well as the music video I did with SMP titled (Sê Wat Jy Wil),+ I realised the importance of rhyming in my mother tongue plus the youth needs role models who they can identify with. Afrikaans is not something to be ashamed of, it is the language of our people created by our people and needs to be celebrated in a inclusive, unbiased manner.

Which famous musician do you admire and why?
Lauren Hill has always been my inspiration, someone I admire and appreciate. Dope lyricist, flavourful flows and respectable woman.

Personally, do you think local hip hop has reached a great level where it should be or we still have much to improve?
There’s a lot of artists on ground level that are immaculate but Rymklets still isn’t getting the acknowledgement and platform it deserves. Things are changing though through work that various artists including myself are putting in and the hope that comes along with that keeps me motivated. These things take time.

Working with the legendary DJ Ready D, how was the experience?
Humbling! Such a wonderful man, it was truly an honour working with him on my second single off the Moedertaal album titled: Wille Kat.

Based on your experience, can you specify mistakes that upcoming females rappers should avoid in order to survive on this game.
Make time to identify your purpose in this ‘game’, hip-hop is more than just delivering rhymes. Once you’ve figured out what you bring to the table, start planning how you can achieve that. Remember nobody owes you, so don’t have too many expectations as that can be a major setback for personal growth and motivation.

You will be dropping your first concept album this month which will be mainly about your journey towards becoming a mother, please briefly tell us more.
Expect a wide variety in sounds and flows, thus I think there will be something for everyone. The album features HemelBesem, Die Hooflig, Raj Mohan (artist from the Netherlands), etc. Plus, I can see that my baby recognises the music as we basically wrote it together. It keeps my baby calm when I play the music and I hope that the album will do the same for other pregnant women and their little ones. I also celebrate womanhood, I think women are superheroes. The second music video of the album will be dropping this month titled: Tsunami.

Verse: Oos Wes ft Raj Mohan

Staan op uit die stof en stof dit af.
Al die negatiewe kommentaar oor jou taal.
Daar’s te veel bekommernisse wat heers in die land.
Ons vergeet ons diversiteit dis amper amusant.
Vir n buitelander wat hier rond kom trot,
Want ons klink nes die ander en daai laat jou vrug vrot.
Jy moet saad skiet wat kan van n fake saad kom?
As jy nie praat soos jy praat nie hou op jou klank vermom.