Miguel Migs

The Miguel in 1990 and the Miguel in 2018?

In 1990 i was a kid just living on the beach in Santa Cruz, California and playing guitar, messing around with writing songs and playing live dub music. Then i started getting into house music, buying records and playing around on my friends turntables in the mid 90’s i bought a synthesizer keyboard with a built in 16 track sequencer on board and began experimenting with creating electronic dance music in my bedroom – and have been doing music ever since, so i am still the same person, just older now.

Having remixed artists music such of Lionel Richie and Britney Spears how was that?

Those were good “work” projects and also challenging to do as an artist, i only had 1 day to create those remixes back then but in general i would not compare myself to anyone, as i just do my own thing and always have taken my own path, doing what i feel but also staying open minded to enjoy exploring new sounds and pushing myself creatively. I love being in the studio, it’s almost like breathing or eating – it’s part of my cellular make up.

What inspired the name Petalpusher?

That name started along with the artwork for the first single I released on the label naked music called “breakin it down” instead of just using ‘Miguel Migs’ we wanted to use a moniker, and the artwork was a woman with a flower in her hair, so the name Petalpusher comes from the imagery also.

Salted Music has been accredited for releasing incredible music, how have you managed to still keep your reputation in tacked?

I have always just tried to do what i feel and what moves me, and part of staying creative and inspired is checking out new and different kinds of music. Salted is just a little boutique label i started for fun and as a vehicle to release music that i enjoy, people send demos of all different styles and i love that we have the ability to present new artists music from all over the globe that way. Sometimes our releases are more focused for the club/dance floor and sometimes it’s not just about the DJ in mind, but “dance” music that is interesting or a little more experimental, yet we have always stayed in the realm of deep/soulful/funky/nu-disco style territory.

 Would you say your sound has changed or still the same?

Sometimes i write music more from more of an album/song based narrative and perspective, and other times i create “tracks” more for the dance floor and my DJ sets. The creative process is always inspiring to me regardless, and i love to try new sounds, pushing myself to explore my craft and song writing ideas are always floating through my head but i am always doing what i feel, so in that way it comes from the same place it always has yet the sounds can change depending on my mood as in any art form, of course music is self-expression and therapeutic in so many ways and one of the only things that makes sense to me in this world.


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