Who played the most crucial role in your musical career?

I would definitely say there were 3 and not one.  Dave Warrin, Jay Denes & Miguel Migs.  They were all producer, song writers with whom I started to work with before Naked Music was born. They set the path for what I do and where I am today.

Briefly share with us your breakthrough in music? 

Though I was releasing music and received a bit of recognition in the mid 90’s my big breakthrough was with Naked Music Recordings. The big record in 2001’ was a song called “Always” that Madonna mentioned as one of her favourite in Rolling Stone Magazine. After many other singles and compilations my first solo album “Cherry” was released with them in 2003. 

How does it feel working alongside Miguel?

Working with Miguel has been an amazing journey and I can’t imagine what my life would have been without him these past 20 years! Besides being an exceptionally gifted artist he’s also a best friend. We’ve been through some memorable experiences on the road to say the least.

Which other female vocalist does it for you at this current moment?

That’s a tough one! I’ve been asked that question before and it’s always been hard for me to narrow it down to one. I’ve always loved the singer and music from Little Dragon (Yukimi Eleanora Nagano) and I guess it’s because her voice and style is unique but soothing as well. I can recognise her voice in an instant. There are quite a few more but she comes to mind.

Besides being a vocalist, what are you into?
In regards to production, I record and produce my own vocals and do minimal production on tracks but that’s only for demos. I leave the real production to the pros!


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