Reggie Dokes?
Reggie Dokes is a DJ and music producer, born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, but I have been living in Atlanta for several years now.

What led you to this source of musical creativity?
What led me to this musical creativity were great Detroit DJs like Alan Ester, Steve Dunbar and Ray Berry. These guys were legends and masters of the art of DJing when I was a teen.

The purpose behind Phycostasia Records?
Psychostasia Recordings is my record label. It was created in 2001. It is a label that produces Deep House and Techno. The purpose is to promote creative music that is like no other.

If House music was a nation, who would you title as president?
If House music was a nation, the presidents would have to be Masters at Work, and the reason for that is because I played a lot of their records coming from New York. Especially the records Marc Kinchen did remixes or dubs on.

Napi Headz, any releases?
Napi Hedz is a group I formed with musical genius Maurice Herd aka Pirahnahead. We have plans this year to get in the studio and come up with some magical records. Some may not know this but Mr. Herd who is from Detroit has done string arrangements on albums that have been nominated for Grammys.

The Return EP (South Africa uprising)  what was the inspiration behind that release?
The Return EP which came out on my label is special. One of the tracks titled South Africa Uprising was just paying respect to the struggle many of those places have endured. I always inspired by Africa.

Forthcoming Projects and releases?
My latest EP titled Detroit Luv EP with Detroit artist Brian Neal is out now on Psychostasia Recordings. The next EP titled Deep Inside is coming in March, and my EP project with Transmat Records will be coming this year too.