Dubbyman ?

  A record collector, DJ and a producer

Why the name Dubbyman?

The name came to me in a funny and casual way. Around 2001 it was the time were i was playing a strange mix of reggae music and house, so some of my friends were tired of it as they didn´t understand well that mixture. So one of them used to come to the dj both to complain saying things like “hey man, here you go again with the dub”. And sometimes he only came saying goofy things like “dub, dub .. dubby… hey man…”  and suddenly the combination came to my mind. “Hey!  I got it!!! I will be Dubbyman”. And in fact it was perfect for me as it really define what i was trying to express and also, i am a huge comics collector so it sounds a little bit as a superhero name, right? 

 As being one of the guys who witnessed the rise of House Music back then, where it began, until now, what’s your view?

I prefer to think about the beginning of this cause is more emotional for me.  In fact the coming was really natural.  “French kiss” by Lil Louis was on the top lists joins other music completely different.  I mean, the age of the psychedelia was hypnotic but “french kiss” was even far away. For today, house is like hip hop. It is completely established and recognised, which is also less underground than before, in my opinion it is really hard to find something really original today, still coming good tracks but sometimes you feel as you don´t need them anymore as you have thousand tracks that sounds similar, you feel me?    Whereby, i would prefer the tracks that were made in the first place, as they are more pure.

2011 the same club you couldn’t enter in your younger state, as you developed you became a resident dj there. Would you say it changed your life?

Oh man…. Stones Club wasn´t only a legend. It was real.  I don´t know if i could say that it changed my life, but for sure it was some of those things to cross out before. 

Would you title yourself as an influential figure to your young brother (Above Smoke)?

Well, i guess i was a kind of figure to follow in the same thing as my uncle was to me.  But sometimes is not 100%, i prefer to tittle myself as the first stone in the wall that maybe put him in the way.    

Your musical approach is outstanding, what gives it that unique taste?  

I have no idea, man; I can just say that i am so glad if some people like my work. 

Do you ever see yourself collaborating with South African artists or their stuff being released on your Label?

I see myself doing it because i already did it. (check for example our release number 34)  and we´ll still doing it,  my first album will have a special collaboration that we recorded in fact in South Africa. It´s called “The Journey” Stay tuned.  

2014 you were in South Africa would you say the same response you got from South African crowd is the same response you get when you perform in Spain?    

Not at all, that was one of the best experiences as DJ and producer in my entire life.  I really can´t find the right words to express myself. It is really amazing to see how the South African people  react to house music. You need to be there to understand it.


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