Image: Slow Man

Skye Wanda behind the media scene?
Skye Wanda behind the lime light is a mother of two, co-owner of muddies kiddies clothing line called Ntozakhe, songwriter and voice-over artist.

Something that nobody knows about you which you believe they need to know?
The one thing people don’t know about me is I’m a shy person but because I love music so much I’m able to overcome that.

Where you are now, what challenges did you faced which you can also give advice especially to female artists?
The challenges I’ve faced weren’t really general. If you’re in any male dominated sphere you’re bound to have to work twice as hard to elevate your act being viewed as a novelty but my challenges were not knowing exactly what I wanted to do with my gift of music. It’s one thing to be talented, but pursuing a career is another ball game altogether. I would advise any artist coming up to have direction, do homework, know all that you need to and don’t be afraid to do you.

Your view about today and yesterday’s SA hip hop as a whole and what to be improved to take it to the next level as it is currently?
My views of today’s and yesterday’s hip hop is right now hip hop is in a good place in terms of sustainability but the gate keeping now is more vicious than before. You need to have money to break in, there’s little that your talent alone can do for you. But we stay in pursuit ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š

Whatโ€™s expected from you this year?
I plan on releasing more music and an album later on in the year. I do a show called the Skye Wanda Experience every January in Durban.