Dolls Combers?

Dolls Combers are 3 Manuele Tigani, Vincent Lacerenza and Pino di Pietro.The name of dolls combers is a literal translation of an Italian phrase “pettina le bambole” which means in slang “nothing to do”, because music was not our first occupation it was a hobby we did in our spare time. As for us it sounds good…

How did you guys meet?

Manuele and Vincent met and gave birth to the project of dolls combers in 2005 and in 2007 Pino became part of the group.

The music for your soul tour in SA how was that?

The music for your Soul tour in SA was amazing, a lot of people sang our songs when we performed live, especially songs such as Ride on the Hammond, Nathan, fool’s Paradise…..and the morning after was really something unbelievable got a lot of replies and requests in our inboxes.  We want to say thank u again to the South African people for their warm mood of feeling the vibes that we proposed.

House music scene in Italy compared to South Africa?

Italy is more influenced by the north of Europe with deep tech vibes, the soulful and the jazzy vibes are not so respected. But we trust in our steps of our way of making music. SA mood it’s more and more close to our style

Which words best describe your music?

Our music has no definition, no space, and no venues. If a song feeds your soul, then we are fully satisfied.

Music is…

Music is everything; I can’t imagine a world without it.

Do you sometimes feel that there are differences as a trio?

When we speak sometimes we don’t agree with each other but we sharing ideas that can make us grown, so it doesn’t matter if we don’t have the same idea we choose the best thing after having a discussion.

Do you sometimes feel the pressure from other artist releases?

We respect all the artists we listen to, and we keep faith to our style.

What people can expect from Dolls Combers?

We are cooking a lot of new music, brand new music with Kafele, new one feat Dana Byrd and 2 tracks feat South African artist, one is K –Modi ( u gotta love) and the other after the success of absorb the light it’s Bliss feat Kholi Twala and a brand new one feat Dawn Williams – I’ am here and for sure on our own label Dolls Combers Records  


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